a Alison Krauss, fuck yeah!

Either I have have failed (not likely) or the internet has failed (more likely) in providing decent media from the benefit on Saturday. I held off on posting the one picture I did find until now in hopes that we’d find more media, but, alas, we did not :( 


LOOK AT THIS, OKAY. I guess this was just an Alison and Dan event because I don’t see the other guys. ALISON’S FIDDLE IS NOT IN HER HANDS. SHE AND DAN ARE SITTING ON STOOLS. THIS IS NEW. It has not-so-secretly been one of my wishes to see an entire show or two where it was just Alison’s voice and Dan’s guitar (and harmonies) because HOW PERFECT WOULD THAT BE. And this looks like maybe it could’ve gotten closer to that than we’ve ever seen. AND THERE HAS BEEN ONLY ONE PICTURE, NO VIDEO, AND THIS UPSET ME MORE THAN ALL THREE EXAMS I HAD THIS WEEK. Not to sound ungrateful, because I am glad we did get one picture at least, but in an age when people instagram their food and their faces every two minutes, is it too much to ask for a few more pictures and maybe a Vine loop from a concert?

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