a Alison Krauss, fuck yeah!


Baby!Alison is singing Oh, Atlanta in the original Bad Company style. Bless the internet.

Barry with a horizontal bass, tho. The proportions. They are wrong.

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We’re not saying that Dan tapped into his inner Freddie Mercury at Rockygrass, but… well. 



SCREAMING BC HARMONIES AND SET LIST CHANGES and we’ve all been pretty sick of the same encore for like 3 years now


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Professionalism is AKUS’s top priority.

Hahahahha not.

So it seems as though Willie has taught them to have a little fun up there, and according to reports from last night, Alison has officially stopped caring about what she says onstage. AWWW YEAH.

(Then again it was Colorado, so. Y’know.)

Song: And When I Die
Artist: Alison Krauss
Album: Map to the Treasure: Reimagining Laura Nyro

For the anon that asked about why we mentioned a jazz album (which has now been deleted). This is Alison’s contribution to a tribute album to Laura Nyro. (Does anybody else get Moments Like This vibes from this song?)

Also this doubles as our off-hiatus post! WE’RE BACK (even though it didn’t look we were really gone much)!

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Hmmm… What can I say about Alison? I started listening to her when I was a little girl because my nanny at the time only listened to country radio. They only played one song… So she bought me the album with that one song from the radio and I fell in love. With not only Alison’s voice but her style of music that I hadn’t really heard before. Since then I’ve kept up with each album, gone to many shows and even had the chance to meet her a few years ago. To say she was awesome is an understatement. Alison’s music has always been able to make me feel better even if they’re very sad songs. I like sad songs and she sings some of the best. I’m very particular about people that I share things with but because you’re so amazing and a true inspiration to me, I’ll share my birthday with you. Happy Birthday to one of my favorite singers and people in general, Alison Krauss!
— ilikethewaywedanced

Much thank!!

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Where do I even start?!? I could go on and on and on about how this woman has seriously changed my life in ways I didn’t even know someone I don’t know ever could, about how she never fails to cheer me up when I’m in the worst of moods just by seeing her face or hearing her voice, about how she has inspired me in innumerable ways, and about so many other things, but I’m not. Because words cannot describe the way this woman has impacted my life. So anyways: HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALISON!!!

Awwww!! She is pretty great.

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The first time I heard Alison's voice it was on Forget About It. I burst into tears. Such beauty. Her music has helped me though some of my most difficult times, and I'm so grateful to her (and Union Station) for that. Happy Birthday, Alison!

Yeah, she has a way of making people sob. Forget About It is the all time best Sit Alone In A Dark Room And Cry album.

Thanks for sharing!!

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Seeing Alison for the first time with Robert on 7/15/08 was amazing. Seeing Alison with AKUS for the first time on 10/7/11 from 4th row was incredible. Hearing her sing LMTYFA live and in-person both times are some of my favorite memories, period. Happy birthday, Alison!

Aww. <3 Thanks for sending this in!!!

Keep ‘em coming, folks!

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Aaaand with that picture, it’s a wrap, folks! Bluegrass Contact High 2014 has come to an end (actually, that’s a lie ‘cause AKUS alone is performing three shows in Colorado next week. We see what you did there, AKUS.) But, as far as their time with the Redheaded Stranger is concerned, there was laughter, tears, and maybe even a stoned, dancing grandma or two. Indeed, plenty of good music was made, but it’s over, all over now.

NOW about that album that AKUS supposedly started working on over a year ago… we’re waiting. Alison, you’re not allowed to get distracted by solo endeavors unless it includes releasing a Funk/Disco album. Then it’s totally acceptable.

Oh! And Alison’s birthday is tomorrow. Post forthcoming, but we’ll say right now that we’re just thankful that with every year that passes, Alison gives gloriously fewer fucks about what people think and is therefore more likely to do crazy musical things. Whoop!