a Alison Krauss, fuck yeah!
Song: Pocket Knife
Artist: PJ Harvey
Album: Uh Huh Her

flowers I can do without
I don’t wanna be tied down
white material will stain
my pocket knife’s gotta shiny blade

FRIENDLY REMINDER THAT ALISON SINGING THIS EXISTS SOMEWHERE, and I would legitimately sell my soul, my limbs and every child I might ever have just for the .mp3 of it. Especially a rough, imperfect demo. I want it more than I want a new AKUS album, Buckingham Nicks tour, the TR+AKUS tour audio/video, air conditioning in my house, and AKUS Live on vinyl, and to not flunk my junior year of college… combined. 

Just imagine Alison singing it though. JUST. IMAGINE. And then cry a little because it exists but we’ll never hear it ;_;

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THEY DID BLUE AND LONESOME TONIGHT YOU GUYS!! I apologize to anyone who may follow me (Allie) on twitter because I pretty much threw up all over it when I was listening live. They pretty much did the same set as last night, but replaced Down to the River to Pray with Blue and Lonesome.

And of course, it wouldn’t be Alison if she didn’t do something weird at least once, so she asked, “Do you want me to play with my mic stand?” and then did it anyway without waiting for an answer. Of course.

Also, right before MoCS, listen for Dan to say that Alison blows him away every time they take a stage together. ♥

Audio of the performance is up here!

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I CALLED THREE OUT OF FIVE THINGS, OKAY. The first being Dan being there (that’s almost cheating though to even make that part of it, when is he ever NOT there with her?), and then them doing Down to the River and Man of Constant Sorrow. There was no WYSNAA, but instead, I Know Who Holds Tomorrow!

Now the most exciting part: JEFF WHITE WAS WITH THEM, AND ALISON WORE A NEW OUTFIT. I have no idea what the fuck that outfit is (sorry) but I’m happy it’s new and it fits her well. She looks good! AND JEFF WHITE.

And because I’m a fucking ninja, I already have the audio split and uploaded here!

The biggest “wtf?” of the night goes to Dan for a change, when he asked if the audience was feeling soggy… then froggy. What does that even MEAN??

Will y'all have the Opry audio from tonight up later? (I'm gonna miss it for sure)

ETA: From now on, just assume that we will have audio of a live stream posted later unless we tell you guys otherwise (you’ll know ahead of time because we will likely ask for extra help). We’ve yet to miss something unless we didn’t know about it.
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Tonight’s Opry predictions:

Alison and Dan (who is there despite it being billed as just Alison [1]) sing three songs: When You Say Nothing at All [2], Man of Constant Sorrow [3] and Down to the River to Pray [4].

(Bonus if MoCS or DttR are replaced with a Dan/Alison harmony song [5].)

Alison wears that red/purple couch material coat [6].

This also doubles as a drinking game (only alcohol if you’re of legal age please!): each time I’m right about something, take a shot. Take a shot when each numbered thing is correct, so maximum five shots.

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Alison will be at the Opry on Friday and Saturday! She’s in the 8:45-9:15 timeslot both times. It’ll stream here, for anyone who wants to listen live.

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See the thing with the ALS challenge is didn't Jerry do the challenge and he didn't call out Alison so who knows what she threatened him with for him to not call her out, come to think of it he didn't even mention the band did he?

As much as I would like to assume that Jerry (or any member) would have called out someone from AKUS, you also have to think about how many people they all know outside of AKUS. They all have solo careers and many people they play music with, as well as their own friends and family. So as much as I would’ve loved to see Jerry nominate someone else in AKUS, I’m not surprised.

You can watch Jerry’s video here, for those who have not seen it.

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Please donate to ALS! Calling out pretty much everyone who hasn’t done it… Calling out @maddieee_mclarennn @keithmclaren @mrs.mclaren76, Lukas, @jillmarie103 (I forgot to mention you in the video sorry!) @rileylange & @alisonkrauss

Other people are nominating celebrities so this is my lame attempt at trying to get Alison to dump ice water over herself. It’s for charity!

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Texts from the Tour Bus #12

I heard somebody was asking for more Texts from the Tour Bus and I was like, “YOU RAAAAAAANG?”

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I’m apparently at a point in my life where if I see someone browsing through Alison’s CDs in a record store, I will march right up to them and before I have time to stop myself, say, “Hi! I am super obsessed with Alison Krauss. Can I help you with anything?”

That is a thing I did today. I’m slightly proud, slightly ashamed. I did help them find a song they wanted to find, and the guy commented that the Live album is great. I also recommended New Favorite and Lonely Runs Both Ways if they were looking to expand on their AKUS collection.

There was also a point where our conversation had ended, they turned back to browsing but I still stood there awkwardly hovering. Then I struck up more conversation and when I told them the extent to which I’ve gone for this dumb band and I’m pretty sure they were simultaneously impressed and horrified.

But I also think I convinced them to buy New Favorite and LRBW in addition to the Now That I’ve Found You Collection.

So yeah approaching strangers in record shops and offering my knowledge of AKUS is I guess a thing I do now.

(Last week a stranger in a record shop approached me and told me, in a slightly snobby and elitist tone, that Alison has a really great live album that I should check out as well because I had Raising Sand in my hands. That was twice in the same conversation he attempted to pigeonhole me.)

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