a Alison Krauss, fuck yeah!

Alison will be at the Opry on Friday and Saturday! She’s in the 8:45-9:15 timeslot both times. It’ll stream here, for anyone who wants to listen live.

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See the thing with the ALS challenge is didn't Jerry do the challenge and he didn't call out Alison so who knows what she threatened him with for him to not call her out, come to think of it he didn't even mention the band did he?

As much as I would like to assume that Jerry (or any member) would have called out someone from AKUS, you also have to think about how many people they all know outside of AKUS. They all have solo careers and many people they play music with, as well as their own friends and family. So as much as I would’ve loved to see Jerry nominate someone else in AKUS, I’m not surprised.

You can watch Jerry’s video here, for those who have not seen it.

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Please donate to ALS! Calling out pretty much everyone who hasn’t done it… Calling out @maddieee_mclarennn @keithmclaren @mrs.mclaren76, Lukas, @jillmarie103 (I forgot to mention you in the video sorry!) @rileylange & @alisonkrauss

Other people are nominating celebrities so this is my lame attempt at trying to get Alison to dump ice water over herself. It’s for charity!

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Texts from the Tour Bus #12

I heard somebody was asking for more Texts from the Tour Bus and I was like, “YOU RAAAAAAANG?”

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I’m apparently at a point in my life where if I see someone browsing through Alison’s CDs in a record store, I will march right up to them and before I have time to stop myself, say, “Hi! I am super obsessed with Alison Krauss. Can I help you with anything?”

That is a thing I did today. I’m slightly proud, slightly ashamed. I did help them find a song they wanted to find, and the guy commented that the Live album is great. I also recommended New Favorite and Lonely Runs Both Ways if they were looking to expand on their AKUS collection.

There was also a point where our conversation had ended, they turned back to browsing but I still stood there awkwardly hovering. Then I struck up more conversation and when I told them the extent to which I’ve gone for this dumb band and I’m pretty sure they were simultaneously impressed and horrified.

But I also think I convinced them to buy New Favorite and LRBW in addition to the Now That I’ve Found You Collection.

So yeah approaching strangers in record shops and offering my knowledge of AKUS is I guess a thing I do now.

(Last week a stranger in a record shop approached me and told me, in a slightly snobby and elitist tone, that Alison has a really great live album that I should check out as well because I had Raising Sand in my hands. That was twice in the same conversation he attempted to pigeonhole me.)

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Please tell me someone is working on the text post over pictures thing for these guys?! (Also where can I find more of the texts from the tour bus those are funny as hell!)

Yes, anonykrauss, someone is working on them. Hang tight. As for the Texts From The Tour Bus, what’s on FYAK is all there is right now. We’re all busy right now, so we haven’t been able to be as active on the blog as we’d like to be. Such is life. 

Thank you for reading. We’re pleased to know that other people think this stuff is funny besides us.

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I FOUND A THING THAT ALISON HAS BEEN WEARING. AND IT’S FREE PEOPLE. I saw a comment on Instagram that said something about her wearing Free People so I went to look (sidenote, I literally never go on the FP website because I love 85% of the things there and I am also too broke for 85% of the things there… the struggle is REAL) and SINCE WHEN DOES ALISON SHOP AT PLACE THAT HAS CUTE AND TRENDY CLOTHES?? Color me impressed but not so impressed because she puts jeans underneath EVERYTHING. 500% here for Alison wearing Free People clothes tho.

ETA: I was showing someone all the pretty things on FP and she said I need to include this dress in this post because it’s perfect and we think Alison could rock this.

Also I’d just like to point out that Alison has that blue sweater in blue and white/off-white and has been wearing literally the same sweater all tour but just in different colors. She did this with the jellyfish pants - black and white - and also with the dress she wore to the MusiCares thing and Grammys in 2012 - one in black, one in white. 

can you tell me what all access is? thanks.

It’s a special that aired on CMT that followed AKUS through their European leg of the tour in 2005. It’s available for download on the links & downloads page of FYAK.

However, it’s split into three parts due to Mediafire’s file size limit. You need to download all three parts and join them or else it won’t work. The individual files need to be joined to create one file. If you have a Mac, download Split & Concat. If you have a PC, download HJ Split.

For Split & Concat: Make sure all the files are downloaded in the same directory, then open the program. Hit “concat” and select the file that ends in .001. It should do the rest, and you’ll be left with a single .mp4 watchable file.

For HJ Split: It should be pretty similar. Make sure they’re in the same directory, and hit “join” and select the .001 file. It should do the rest for you.

Casual fans’ reactions to Alison are my favorite thing.

P. S. Speaking of All Access, it took me until last night to realize that while Alison was messing with the lights when they went out, she sings, “Do you believe in life after love?” SHE IS SINGING MOTHERFUCKING CHER AND I DID NOT EVER REALIZE THIS.

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