a Alison Krauss, fuck yeah!

You asked for them…

more forthcoming. 

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Song: Alison's Obsession
Artist: Alison Krauss & Union Station
Album: RIT - 5.15.2005

Throwback thursday~

From a 2005 bootleg. I have a long commute for school right now so I’ve been listening to bootlegs… and this showed up today. I’d heard it before, but not for a while. And MAN I was laughing so hard at this I don’t know how I didn’t end up in a car accident. 

SHE SENT LOU GRAMM FLOWERS. ANONYMOUSLY. SHE WENT TO THREE FOREIGNER SHOWS IN ONE TOUR. SHE GETS IT, OKAY. I love her for being such a fangirl. How many times has FYAK sent her flowers?? How many of us mods/members have seen multiple shows per tour (I am pretty sure Mindy’s count for the Paper Airplane tour is 7-8, while mine is 6)?? I feel so validated.

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Hoping this means what I think it does…

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Where is the gif of AK nodding in green lace from?

From her interview on IMUS in the Morning. There are two videos on YouTube of her performances - Sawing on the Strings and You’re Just a Country Boy - but i guess the interview got pulled. I know she did Jacob’s Dream too and I want to say Simple Love as well, but I’m not sure. When I have time, I’ll dig it those videos out and upload it somewhere. 

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THIS ALBUM IS EVERYTHING TO ME AND I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD FIND IT RELATIVELY CHEAP BUT I DID. I’ve seen other copies sell for $350-500. All the copies are numbered and I’m thinking there are only 10,000 copies. AND NOW I OWN ONE.

and I just needed to share because not a lot of people understand.

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I just needed to post this here because I cackled so loudly that I woke up the sleeping six-year-old next to me. 

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You know you’re an Alison Krauss fan when you have to deal with rude Beyoncé stans who are bitter as fuck that their fave will never take over Alison’s reign as

Throwback thursday!

Some of the covers Alison did on the Raising Sand tour are among my favorite things she’s done, and I’m super fond of this In the Mood/Matty Groves mashup/medley thing. I can never get enough of Alison singing murder songs, okay. Plus, Alison got a chance to play twin fiddle with Stuart Duncan this tour which she doesn’t get to do on AKUS tour so that’s pretty cool.

Also, she rocks that suit, and Robert/maracas are OTP material.

(Ps I’m going to try to make this a bi-monthly, or hopefully weekly, thing. If you guys have any suggestions, feel free to throw them at us!)

ETA: this wasn’t supposed to be posted at midnight on Thursday EST but oh well. It still works for throwback Thursday right???
Song: Pocket Knife
Artist: PJ Harvey
Album: Uh Huh Her

flowers I can do without
I don’t wanna be tied down
white material will stain
my pocket knife’s gotta shiny blade

FRIENDLY REMINDER THAT ALISON SINGING THIS EXISTS SOMEWHERE, and I would legitimately sell my soul, my limbs and every child I might ever have just for the .mp3 of it. Especially a rough, imperfect demo. I want it more than I want a new AKUS album, Buckingham Nicks tour, the TR+AKUS tour audio/video, air conditioning in my house, and AKUS Live on vinyl, and to not flunk my junior year of college… combined. 

Just imagine Alison singing it though. JUST. IMAGINE. And then cry a little because it exists but we’ll never hear it ;_;

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THEY DID BLUE AND LONESOME TONIGHT YOU GUYS!! I apologize to anyone who may follow me (Allie) on twitter because I pretty much threw up all over it when I was listening live. They pretty much did the same set as last night, but replaced Down to the River to Pray with Blue and Lonesome.

And of course, it wouldn’t be Alison if she didn’t do something weird at least once, so she asked, “Do you want me to play with my mic stand?” and then did it anyway without waiting for an answer. Of course.

Also, right before MoCS, listen for Dan to say that Alison blows him away every time they take a stage together. ♥

Audio of the performance is up here!

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